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Mile High H.O.G.® Chapter

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H.O.G.® Meeting's: 3rd Thursday, 6:00 pm at Copper Canyon Harley-Davidson®. These meetings are "dinner included" meetings!

Mile High H.O.G.® Chapter

For any questions about joining or the meetings call Copper Canyon Harley® at (406) 782-5601 or the Director, Todd Dunlap at (406) 438-2126.


Director - Todd Dunlap
Assistant Director - Coley Crocker
Treasure - Keith Carparelli
Activities Director - Vacant
Membership - Vacant
L.O.H. - Janice Crocker
Webmaster - Marilyn Olson
Photographer - Judy Lanes
Safety Officer - Terry Goodall

Ladies Of Harley® Mile High Chapter®

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Mile High H.O.G.® Chapter

Why Join?

H.O.G.® Chapters allow people who share a passion for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles to come together. When joining a local chapter, you’ll always have plenty of opportunities to meet with friends, have fun, support worthy causes, and ride!

Some of the other benefits of joining include Roadside Assistance, H.O.G.® Events, H.O.G.® Magazine, Touring Handbook, & Much more!



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